Taste of fun

ABC Animal Puzzle

''ABC Animal Puzzle'' – learn English letters while playing!

Fun learning for young learners. The App is based on games with colorful puzzles that encourage memorization of letters and develop visual memory.



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Series Adventure day by day

Mom Hurries Home

"Mom Hurries Home or City Adventures"
An amazing story that could have happened in any city but only in a family that believes in miracles. "Mom Hurries Home" is a animated series for the little lovers of enchanting adventures!
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The Mystery of the False Coin

In this sequel of incredible adventures of a young PI Julia, young readers will learn a lot of interesting facts from the history of money and solve the mystery of the false coin!

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T-shirt "TV"

Kids know all about fun and impossible to trick them here! If your kid is a fan of Glowberry’s books and apps then he or she definitely needs such a T-shirt!


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