The Rainbow Dragons and the Faery Game

The Rainbow Dragons and the Faery Game


This is a sequel of the popular series about the Rainbow Dragon brothers 

They only plan to watch the championship, but what kind of a children's book could do without surprises, especially the one about such avid adventure lovers with such different and vivid tempers? 

The book encourages children to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship, appreciate friendship and not take offense even when they lose. 

The complete story is also available in English. 

A popular app for smart phones and tablets has been developed based on the book. 

Other fascinating adventures of the multicoloured Rainbow Dragon brothers can be found in the book «The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepyhead». 

Format 25 x 25 cm

Hard cover

48 pages

Age range: 3-7 years  

Author Anton Siyanika

Illustrators Svetlana Moroz, Konstantin Fedorov

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