ABC Animal Puzzle

ABC Animal Puzzle

The app for toddlers "ABC Animal Puzzle" offers a new perspective on one of the most complicated tasks in teaching the little ones: learning letters. The education process is based on games with colorful puzzles that encourage memorization of  letters and develop visual memory. 

Every letter of the alphabet features a funny animal that comes to life at the touch of a finger – it starts jumping, swimming and flying. The ABC is voiced-over by announcers imitating animal sounds, accompanied by lively music, funny sounds and cute jokes. 

The little ones can learn letters with their parents as well as on their own – the game's interface is simple and intuitive, while the lovely characters will not let the kids get bored in the process. 

The ''ABC Animal Puzzle'' will help your child to:

-       quickly learn letters with the help of the animated ABC with favourite animals

-       consolidate the knowledge through the developing puzzle games

-       improve visual memory

-       develop logical thinking

-       fall in love with learning while playing


The ''ABC Animal Puzzle'' will become your favourite game and an effective way to learn letters in a fast and fun way!

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