Santa's Gifts

Santa's Gifts

The app invites your child to an interactive Christmas cartoon where Santa tells tales, gives away presents and invites kids to come for a visit. In a special section your kid can select a desired Christmas gift and send a letter to Santa. And the best thing is that the miracle will happen in a blink of an eye! The response package comes very quickly! And if your heart desires more than one gift, you can choose a doll, a robot, and a rocket all at the same time and play with them right away in a designated play room.


Audio tales from Santa, which are a part of the app, can be listened to as bedtime stories or during the day together with your kid. Every tale is a tiny educational story about importance of friendship, creating DIY Christmas decorations, not being lazy and believing in miracles.


Kids will quickly master the simple app navigation and will be able to listen to the tales and play with Santa’s gifts on their own. Kind and cute illustrations, magic Christmas music and a lot of colorful animation on each page will turn the app into kids’ favorite Christmas entertainment.


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