All Things Yummy to Treat your Tummy

All Things Yummy to Treat your Tummy

Is helping Mom around the kitchen fun? Sure! Especially if vegetables jump in your pan all on their own, the kitchen table turns into a fun merry-go-round and a friendly crocodile joins you at lunch to taste an omelette you've just made.

The main character, little Lisa, enjoys learning useful, kind and necessary things that every child should know about a modern kitchen. Together with her Mom she cooks various yummy dishes, helps washing up and cleaning the kitchen, learns how to use household appliances and serves a festive dinner for her toy friends. 

''All Things Yummy to Treat Your Tummy'' is a fascinating world where objects come to life with a slightest touch. They jump and fly, talk and make funny sounds and teach how to act around the kitchen. This interactive story will be a nice surprise and a wonderful entertainment for kids aged 3-12 and not just for them!

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