Super Me

Super Me

The “Super Me” app is designed for everyday use by children and their parents.


The key aims of the app are:

  • to help children with diabetes adopt the basics of self-discipline and healthy habits of good and proper nutrition while playing

  • to teach children to measure the content of carbohydrate units in regular food on their own

  • to keep a handy diary of self-control


The app has been developed in collaboration with and according to the recommendations of experienced diabetes specialists.


The “Super Me” app contains of two main modules: 

1. The Child’s block that lets a child stick to the individual regime of nutrition and shots that has been defined by his or her parents.

In the normal mode a child can control his nutrition regime with the help of notifications and can select recipes from the app’s menu. More than 220 basic recipes with a handy and child-friendly scale of carbohydrate units content have been collected and systematized in the “Super Me” app.

If desired, the menu can be supplemented with recipes of your own.

 In the training mode a child can practise composing a healthy menu with a certain amount of carbohydrate units at any convenient time.

 The Child’s block is set by parents taking into account all the individual features of their child.


2. The Parent’s block is available to parents only. It contains all the information about a child, the self-control diary in which all data about a child’s behaviour in the app is entered (the time of meals, the choice of menu, the level of sugar), as well as reminders about glycemic control, insulin shots and dietary regime.


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