Brave Bunnies in the Mountains

Brave Bunnies in the Mountains




Big Journey and meetings with new friends continue! Sets off to Mountains, Brave Bunnies meet Little Bear, Squirrel, Goat, and even Eagle family on their way. Bunnies find common interests and way to make friends with each of them. And when Bunnies find themselves amid the snowfields on the highest mountain, a new friend comes to help them. Who is was? Read the book to find it out.

There are interactive surprise windows on the pages. A child itself can open it and color new Bunnies’ friend. Read, play, paint, imagine your own stories.

The book created on the base of ‘Brave Bunnies’ series, which mission is to encourage curiosity and empathy in children, so that they embrace, respect, and celebrate the diversity of our world. The concept elaboration was supported by children psychologist to considering interests and age specifics of children of age 1-4 years.

In the first book, ‘Brave Bunnies in the Jungle’, our characters were introduced and made friends with Monkey, Elephant, Tiger Cube, Chameleon, and Peacock. The series is complemented by finger puppet theatre, which helps not only play the scenes of the first meetings from the book but also make up your own stories.


Original author: Olga Cherepanova

Illustrator: Anna Sarvira

Age: 1-4 years.

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