Brave Bunnies in the Jungle

Brave Bunnies in the Jungle

The family of Brave Bunnies sets off for a big Journey to find adventures and new friends. On their way, they bump into many new and different characters. And, despite all the differences, Brave Bunnies find a common language with new friends and create a new game. There is a new adventure waiting for the heroes and a new interactive surprise window with colorful illustration waiting for little readers on every new page. With your child, you can read, look at the pictures and create new games.

The book is created on the base of ‘Brave Bunnies’ series, which mission is to encourage curiosity and empathy in children, so that they embrace, respect, and celebrate the diversity of our world. The concept elaboration was supported by children psychologist to considering interests and age specifics of children.

Original author: Olga Cherepanova

Illustrator: Anna Sarvira

Age: 1-4 years.

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