A Small Story about a Huge Piano

A Small Story about a Huge Piano

This e-book is about a little boy who becomes an organist thanks to his love of all things huge. The story is accompanied by bright animated collages and musical compositions by world-famous composers. 

The book is dedicated to the 333 rd anniversary of the great German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach. 

Story and illustrations by Mykola Babichev
Language: English, Ukrainian
Format: ePub
Number of Pages: 32
Target Audience: children, 3–5 years old

Download for free from Glowberry website 

English language: A Small Story about a Huge Piano 

Ukrainian language: Маленька історія про здоровезне піаніно 

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English language
Ukrainian language

Compatible OS and apps:
– MacOS, iOS, Windows;
– pre-installed iBooks app on Apple devices;
– free Adobe Digital Editions app for Windows.

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