Mom Hurries Home

Mom Hurries Home

The book contains everything that can fascinate kids about modern city living. Especially those who love cars and other kinds of vehicles – even a dragon is used as a mode of transport in this book. One working Mom’s daily life is wittily intertwined with magical adventures. Fairytale animals help the main heroine overcome the most extraordinary and yet absolutely mundane obstacles on her commute home from work.

This fun optimistic book will help children worry less about their parents while they are away and see magic in everyday things and outside world.

A popular app for smart phones and tablets is based on this book. An animated series with new adventures of the characters is currently in production.

 The book "A Giant Awakens" - continuation of the story about Mom that hurries home -


Format 21x21 cm
Hard cover
40 pages

Language: Ukrainian 

Age range: 3-7 years

A table game inside 

Author: Svetlana Dorosheva
Illustrator: Olga Dehtiariova

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