Brave Bunnies Set

Brave Bunnies Set

Let’s make friends with Brave Bunnies!

One day our tireless bunny family decided to leave their house, Carrot Valley, and set off for a Big Journey to find adventures and new friends.

Great proposition for our little admirers! Two books and finger puppet theater for a very cool price: 350 UAH instead of 455 (if you buy it separately)!

Brave Bunnies in the Jungle is a playbook with interactive surprise windows, where new Bunnies’ Friends, whom they met in Jungles, are hidden.

Brave Bunnies in the Mountains is a playbook with interactive surprise windows and coloring pages. Your child can paint every Bunnies’ Friend in his own way.

Finger Puppet Theater is great for role plays about Brave Bunnies and their Friends. There are 7 figures made from thick cardboard. Imagine how they come alive when placed on fingers! ;)

The books and game are created on the base of Brave Bunnies animated series. Its aim is to help children make their first steps in socialization, show, how to find a common language and befriend despite all the differences.

Brave Bunnies is the only Ukrainian project of such scale, which managed to engage a European partner in co-production – Spanish partners Anima Studio

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