The Policeman with the Dragon

The Policeman with the Dragon

 “The Policeman with the Dragon” is an updated edition of the legendary “Mom Hurries Home“ by Glowberry. 

Mom’s amazing adventures that happen to her in an ordinary modern city on the way home to her son Alex received a new visualization from illustrator Olga Degtyareva. Together with some new plot twists and turns provided by Svitlana Dorosheva.

The book possesses all the necessary features and contains everything that little dreamers and their parents like the most: both adventures and fantastic creatures, as well as incredible and inconceivable events that happen only to those who believe in miracles.

The fantastic story that Mom tells her son Alex begins an amazing series of Mom Hurries Home adventures consisting of the following books:
A Giant Awakens
The Candy City
The Magic Sword
Magical Adventures in the City. Stickerbook

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