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What's On Your Plate is a book on tasty and healthy habits which consists of two parts and is read from both directions (read to the middle from one cover, flipped over and read from the back/upside down cover to the middle.)

In this book, parents will find useful information on healthy nutrition for children and tips on how to cultivate a proper attitude to food from a very young age. Children's part is a fairy tale that will explain to children in an entertaining and interesting way why it is so important to take care of their health, pay attention to their diet and monitor what is on their plate. Both parts are complemented by beautiful illustrations by Svitlana Akatieva, and as an added bonus, you will also find a culinary tour by Dasha Malakhova.


Oksana Stekhina is a charismatic and committed businessperson. For many years, she has been balancing various spheres of her interests: family, work, and her own projects. Together with her husband, Oksana raises 4 children, travels a lot, is engaged in self-improvement, and healthy eating has been of interest to her since the birth of her first child. During 6 years of being a Mom, she developed her own "viable approach" to explaining to children the benefits and dangers of various products and their compatibility.


Natalia Samoilenko is a reputable expert in healthy nutrition, a dietician and endocrinologist. For 17 years, she has been developing personalized programs for healing the body. She creates an individual diet that is perfect for a person’s age, gender, level of physical activity, and health condition.

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