The Mystery of the False Coin

The Mystery of the False Coin

The third book in the series about a young private investigator, Julia.

The brave Julia together with her faithful companions Captain Sadovnikov and a bank director Mr. Moneyful will have to plunge into the world of numismatics and unravel the mystery of the false coin. You will face some thrilling adventures and interesting facts about the history of money: you will be able to learn when the first coins and paper money appeared, which country was the home of counterfeiters, how to secure your money, get a loan and a credit card.

The book easily combines features of an encyclopedia and a children's detective story – the format that has proven to be much loved by our readers!

Other adventures of Julia, the young PI, can be found in the books “The Mystery of the Stolen Potty” and “The Mystery of the Old Bakery”. 

Format 23,5 x 23,5 cm
Hard cover
48 pages

Language: Ukrainian

Age range: 5-10 years

Author Yuri Nikitinsky
Illustrator Mikhail Aleksandrov

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