The Mystery of the Stolen Potty

The Mystery of the Stolen Potty

This is the first in a series of books about a young private investigator named Julia 

The story is for those little ones who love to untangle mysteries and learn new interesting facts! 

In this book, a clever and brave kindergartener investigates a theft of a potty from a senior group of her kindergarten. Some might think that this petty crime is completely insignificant and is not worth a detailed depiction. This, however, isn't the case for Julia and her friends, amongst whom is a real police officer – Captain Sadovnikov. While they are tracking down the thief, children learn a lot of well-established as well as little known historical facts about something as seemingly humble as a potty. 

The book is an encyclopedia, a kids’ detective story and a table game all in one. 

Other adventures of Julia, the young PI, can be found in books “The Mystery of the Old Bakery” and “The Mystery of the False Coin”. 

Format 25 x 25 cm

Hard cover

48 pages

Age range: 5–10 years 

Author Yuri Nikitinsky

Illustrator Mikhail Aleksandrov

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