The Candy City. Series Mom Hurries Home

The Candy City. Series Mom Hurries Home

This time, Mom met City Clown who has charmed her arm. So now everything that Mom touches turns into candies! A bus turns into a caramel, trees - into lollipops, houses - into chocolate bars. Only a miracle helped Mom to break the spell!

All the wonderful stories, which Mom tells Lesik, happen in an ordinary city. Take a deeper look - maybe your house is already turned into a chocolate cake?

Collect the whole series about Alex`s Moms adventures of Mom in the city:

Mom Hurries Home

A Giant Awakens

The Magic Sword


Format 23,5х23,5 см

40 pages
Hard cover

Language: Ukrainian

Age range: 3-7 years

Author: Svetlana Dorosheva, Olga Cherepanova

Illustrator: Olga Dehtiariova

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