‘Brave Bunnies’ Finger Puppet Theatre

It is a fun game based on the ‘Brave Bunnies’ book. Its characters go on a Big Journey across the world in search of adventures and new friends. 

The set includes 7 book characters: Bunny-Ma and Bunny-Pa, Bunny-Boo and Bunny-Bop, Monkey, Baby Elephant, and Tiger Cub. All of them are made from quality thick cardboard, size: 14 cm. 

Put on fingers, the figurines come alive in child's hands through play. This puppet game will assist parents in teaching kids how to meet new friends and socialize with them by playing the scenes of the first meetings of Brave Bunnies family and their new friends. Parents can take inspiration from the book or create play scenarios themselves.


Let’s have fun together with Brave Bunnies!

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